ECODESIGN signifies an environmentally sound design of products. Manufacturers, traders and consumers can find the legal basis for this in the EU Ecodesign Directive (Directive 2009/125/EC). In Germany, a law and a regulation transpose the Ecodesign Directive into national legislation.

The ENERGY LABEL is an energy consumption label that tells consumers about certain properties such as energy efficiency or emissions when using a product. The legal basis is the EU Regulation on Energy Labelling (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369). In Germany, a law and a regulation relate to this EU regulation.

The two instruments complement one another: the minimum standards in the ecodesign regulations ensure that inefficient products are no longer allowed on the market. Using the energy label, EU countries expect to shift the market towards more energy-efficient products. Consumers also benefit from the energy label since it provides more transparency for purchase decisions.

BAM supports manufacturers, traders and consumers

BAM is referred to as a "commissioned body" both in EVPG (Energy-related Product Law) and EnVKG (Energy Labelling Law). By offering information on the following pages, BAM supports manufacturers, traders and consumers. (in German)